For Democracy

Fordem, an abbreviation of ‘for democracy’, is a digital democracy and socio-political mobilisation platform, with participation, deliberation, and networking functionalities.


Who, what, why…?

What is Fordem?
Fordem app (WIP) forms independent WiFi-Direct & Bluetooth mesh networks when the internet and cellular networks are down, respects privacy and is oriented on data security. Fordem is a part of Fediverse and can be used as app on your smartphone or as desktop-client. Fordem aims to be the main channel for networking and conversations of resistance and resilience, social struggles and sociopolitical mobilisation, and it is there to make the voices of civil society movements heard and to maximise their impact. What can you do with Fordem? You can connect with others based on your shared interests, exchange ideas, initiate or join groups and organise for the changes you want to see in your neighbourhood or in the world. Fordem can connect an endless number of communities.

Fordem short-term goal:
Fordem is a tool which can help the development of any community since it can be adapted to the respective needs and contexts. In our first version we are invested in providing the Iranian political activists the tools they will need at each of the networking, deliberation and participation stages of their mobilisation, organisation and self-reflection along the ongoing Women, Life, Freedom revolution in Iran.
Furthermore, we are invested in implementing Fordem in communities with a democratic gap in Germany. Our focus is on Heilbronn, a city with more than 54% of the population having (family) experiences with migration but form only 5% of the members of the municipal council. In the long term Fordem has the potential to be the tool for any community worldwide and connect an endless number of communities with each other. In this sense it can strengthen local communities while connecting them with the world.

The activists will have the possibility to:
Identify themselves through a pseudonymisation process done by a trusted third party, create and interactively flesh out their multifaceted profile and connect with people who strive for similar changes as they do, organise events and meetings, deliberate different aspects of the revolution Initiate and take part in polls and surveys and figure out the social choice Form local mesh wireless networks when internet and electricity is shut down.

How are we going to do that?
Fordem is an open-source platform. At its backend lies Nextodon, an extended version of Mastodon that we have written in C# with gRPC, crypto wallet, advanced votes, E2EE DMs and so on. As a mobile app, Fordem has large-scale mesh network formation abilities using WiFi, WFD and BT for the times of no internet, next to usual Mastodon. A DHT on the Nextodon takes care of synchronisation between databases of the networks that emerge from offline modes.

For more insights also check our issue tracker and documentation on Github: Fordem & Nextodon

Development timeline:
June 30, 2023
Release will include Nextodon
Nextodon’s Registration | Authentication features (Mnemonic phrases & crypto wallets)
Basic Digital democracy functionalities

Aug 28, 2023
enable Ethereum wallet
enable ranked-pairs, quadratic/fractional voting systems
enable Twitter authentication

Sep 31, 2023
integration of Zemi - GIS
deliberation processes & instance as a service
Questionnaires & assisted networking

Nov 30, 2023
release Fordem Flutter app
enable mesh network formation features
Audio rooms

Who is behind the project?
We are the developers of this censorship-resistant sociopolitical network. Our volunteer team is transnational, heterarchical and committed to human rights and fundamental freedoms. We met in a hackathon of Update Deutschland and joined forces and expanded globally because we were working on similar ideas. Organizationally, Fordem is a project of Transnational Community Federation e. V. (TCF). TCF is a non-profit, not-governmental heterarchical civic innovation Lab. With our interdisciplinary approach, we bring about positive changes in our communities around the world. We are active in various fields including promotion of education, democratic systems, and demarginalization. For more information check TransCF

How can you support?
There are many ways in which you can support Fordem.
You can donate money and help us to cover the costs of the development of the first version of Fordem.
You can donate expertise and come and join us, and help with marketing, design, fundraising, project management experience and/or spreading good energy and love.
You can donate your time and opinion and test Fordem as soon as the first version is out and give us your honest and constructive feedback.
Let us promote democractic systems together. Find us on GitHub

How democratic is Heilbronn?

Mobile App is still WIP but

meanwhile you can use any Mastodon app to connect to Fordem

Contact us

The best way to reach us is via GitHub Discussions. For press contact or any other questions please send us a message or an email.